Monday, June 20th, 2011

The role of Poppy Swap is to get the word out about all of the amazing ways that people can change their habits and heal their lives by working WITH the planet. Herbalists, are the ultimate stewards. We, as a group, have come together for centuries to share our love and cultivate wisdom. Our traditions and values live through time because they have meaning and universal value.

We have communication tools that we have never had before. The internet can help us unite even more strongly and build momentum that will empower our voices. Our contributions will serve the Earth and the Green Revolution and will provide inspiration and a living example of what is possible to those who are thirsty and eager to learn.

We at Poppy Swap care deeply about the purpose and mission of this site and truly believe that our potential is great. We can support one another personally while being teachers, lovers and role models to our society. If we want it to be effective we need to spread the word and make this site hop with activity and passion.

Let’s rock the swap!

Love, Kiki

06/20/11 | Category: Green Dirt, Poppy Swap, Site Updates and Stories

One Response to Igniting a movement

  1. Thank you for your committment to your own Heart, Kiki. It’s incredibly inspiring and it allows me to connect deeper with my own~ Beautiful!

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