Sunday, May 1st, 2011

With all of the great products on Poppy Swap, do you ever wonder who are the green dreamers bringing us all of these incredible gifts?

Here are a few of our amazing herbalists:

Darcy of Blue Turtle Botanicals

Darcy the a gifted herbal artist and also a talented nature photographer who brings us Blue Turtle Botanicals and Floralia! I love all of her offerings but let me tell you, her tea blends are absolutely transportive in their balance. I keep a tin on my desk at work for deep whiffs and short sensory escapades during the day and my neighbor Patty is so smitten with Darcy’s teas, she serves them every time she has guests in her home. Get a Tea of the Month subscription on Poppy Swap and take your tea collection to the top shelf.

Cory of Aquarian Bath

Cory is one of our most experienced herbalists on Poppy Swap and her herbal knowledge is deep. She is an incredible soap maker, her soaps are unbelievably creamy and buttery. I have never had a soap mold to my body AND last for weeks. If you are interested in making your own luxury products check out her Shea and Cocoa Butter Lotion Bar Making Kit!

In her Aquarian Bath Poppy Swap Store you will find an incredible selection of soaps and herbal remedies. I have used her healing salves on burns, bites and just love the sage wisdom of her recipes.


Kathy of Dragonfly Dew

When Kathy first put her Chocolate Chip Lip Butter on Poppy Swap, we knew she was home. When I made it over to her blog at Gardening for Nature, I knew that our home had found her. Kathy is a prolific naturalist, teacher and landscape gardener.

“I’m a nature loving, wildlife protecting, earth sustaining plantswoman. I’m also a wife, mother, friend, business owner, master gardener, lifelong learner and live in awe of Mother Nature and her gifts. I love to help people learn about nature, gardening, wildlife and the environment! I try to teach people through my writings, photos, products and experiences.

All of my products are made from the gifts that Mother Nature gives to us: plant based oils and butters, pure waxes from plants and bees, herbs and spices, essential oils, wonderful clays from the earth and other natural ingredients. Dragonfly Dew is a small, artisan-crafted, woman owned business. All of my products are handmade in small batches and I take pride in my creations. I am 100% committed to taking care of the earth in my choices of ingredients, services and practices. Good for your skin while being good for the planet!”

So keep browsing on Poppy Swap and keeping tabs on our amazing Swappers! We have the gifts just keep on giving!

Love, Kiki

05/1/11 | Category: Featured Stores and Herbalists, Poppy Swap

4 Responses to ~the lovers, the dreamers, and tea~

  1. Cory Trusty says:

    Thank you Kiki! I love to see your enthusiasm for herbalists. I’m honored.

  2. Kathy Green says:

    Thank’s so much for the mention kiki! This is such a wonderful new community to be a part of and I’m so glad to have found you.

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