Wednesday, April 6th, 2011

We are so grateful to Yumi Mitsuta and to Heather Nic an Fhleisdeir for organizing this relief effort for our neighbors in Japan. Please read the following information gathered from their facebook page.

ADDRESS 3-25-10 Minamishinozaki Edogawa 133-0065, Tokyo, Japan 133-0065
Herbs & Healing Supplies For Japan
American and Japanese Herbalists collaborate to get herbs and healing supplies to Japan.

Delivering supplies and volunteering in Miyagi Prefecture, Yumi replied to a private message from Heather: “it’s a hell” Yumi said. “a lot of children and animals tired, stressed and PTSD” (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). Apparently many children had watched as people and animals drown, and have been regularly exposed to seeing corpses. “ 3 to 5 year old children the PTSD is the worst”. It is an unsanitary environment and many deaths are from hunger as well. Yumi is also concerned for the pregnant and nursing mothers whose bodies are being effected by the stress, shock and soon by radiation from the crippled nuclear power plants. “I was wishing to use herbs and essential oils, but too many in need”

New, unopened supplements, high anti-oxidant natural snack foods, essential oils and essential oil towelettes/wipes can be sent directly to Yumi for distribution.

Miyagi Prefecture is a COLD area where it snows so please imagine what you would need if you were in their situation and consider what you can donate.

If you are willing to help by sending healing relief supplies for these victims please read the all of the mailing information.

Silvervine Co., LTD. / Yumi Mitsuta Yayakuba
ADDRESS 3-25-10 Minamishinozaki Edogawa 133-0065 Tokyo Japan.

Please write: “Rescue supply of earthquake” This insures it will arrive early.

For tinctures, please do not write ‘alcohol’ instead write ‘botanical extracts’

For dry herbs, Please write ‘herbal tea’.

Yumi says: “I appreciate your help as well as your consideration. And I will make sure all of your relief supplies will be delivered to the victims as much as I possibly can.”

FOR ANY INQUIRIES phone +81 90 2735 5626

To make it easier to donate, Poppy Swap is organizing an “herb drive” and will pay all international shipping costs on any supplies that are delivered directly to our office. We will also contribute herbal donations in equal value of 100% of the total purchases made through Poppy Swap for the entire month of April. If you would like to get involved and find it easier to simply donate money, we have added a paypal donation button to this page. 100% of any donated funds will be used for the purchasing and shipping of supplies to Japan.

So if you have herbs, send ‘em.
If you want herbs, buy ‘em.
If you got cash share it.
Let’s do right!

or mail items to:

PO BOX 2035
Anacortes, WA 98221

Thank you!
Love, Kiki

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  1. Warming this wee heart with the out-pouring of support!

    Connect-up with our Facebook page through the link above to see photos and news sent directly from Yumi.

    Green Love,

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