Tuesday, April 5th, 2011

Thanks to everyone who submitted a recipe for our contest.  I was sure from the get go that the “nettle  poppy~sicles” would be the winner. The recipe was innovative, sweet and totally shocking and blueberry/nettle combo just sounded right.

The tasting weekend began on a rainy Friday and I had a date with my favorite 4 year old to pick some nettles and make some poppy~sicles. The full day downpour and an older brother with a distracting play date foiled our Friday. I also couldn’t find any cactus in our small town village market. I figured I could substitute with aloe vera and was still excited to try this cool recipe.

I still had half a basket of poppy-sicle ingredients in my car when I drove up to B.C. to see my friend Erin of Willow Consulting on Saturday. I got through the canadian border okay but on the way home they nabbed me in customs for my suspiciously perky limes. They let me keep my aloe vera but they definitely planted their suspicions in me.

Did I really want to go shopping in the rainforest for cactus and coconuts?

Dinner time came along and I went for what was handy and whipped up Ginger’s Nettle Marinade:

1/4 cup fresh minced garlic into the pan

1/4 cup nutritional yeast

1/4 cup nettles wizz in the processor

1/4 cup fresh lemon squeezed

1/4 Braggs Amino Acids

Ginger says: “Mix well in this order in the bowel then after mixed slowly pour cold pressed olive oil into bowel stirring the whole time so that it creams up to a nice viscosity to your taste. Serve on an nice crisp salad Romaine, mushroom and red onion, sprouts and there it is.”

I edited the recipe a little bit by skipping the salty Braggs and using Flax Oil instead of Olive Oil though I think the Olive Oil would have been tastier. I then mixed the pesto~like puree as a dressing on a spinach salad. Delicious!
I liked the texture and I loved that I had a pesto alternative with no nuts and no cheese. Blended greens are one the easiest ways to add volume to our veggie intake.  Nutritionally, the acid in the lemon really helps the Nettle fulfill it’s potential.

The true test of this recipe, however, came over the next couple of days. I made this recipe 3 more times and served it at a dinner party! I even made it with Dandelion Greens as the base and liked it even better.

It’s simple, it’s healthy and it’s got ingredients that can be found in any town. The lemons weren’t local but they weren’t from Thailand either.

For a truly local recipe, I could have used some local seaweed for salt and a little local raw cheese for the nutritional yeast. A fresh tomato in the late summer could serve as the acid.

Congratulations Ginger! You are the winner of our Nettle Recipe Contest! All the way from Cackalacky!
Thanks for a great recipe and we hope you enjoy your lip balm.
If you are looking for our full list of entries go here. YUM!
Love, Kiki



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One Response to Zing! It’s a Nettle Dressing, Darling!

  1. ginger taylor allison says:

    Well I am glad it met up with your tasty buds approval. I also like the ideas you had to shift it to a more local dressing. I ll give that a go. Well if you ever do get to the tropics the poppyswapcicles are indeed a treat to be reckoned with, and thanks, from North Cackalacky, Ginger

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