Saturday, March 19th, 2011

I have juiced nettles, souped nettles, spread nettles, sauced nettles, sauteed nettles, used them as a salad green……

What’s your favorite recipe or remedy that uses our spring super food?

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15 Responses to Nettle Recipe Contest!

  1. Nourishing Herbal Infusions! I pack a mason jar half way full of nettle, fill it with boiling water and let it steep over night so that I can drink it throughout the next day. This really helps me gear up for allergy season!

    • I make a mild infusion of one nettle top per bottle of water and keep it in my cooler for drinking thru the day. More delicious than iced tea and not as strong tasting as packing a mason jar and steeping it over night, although tastes differ, and I’m sure some folks might like it uber strong like that. I find that my immune system become hyper sensitive if I use it too strong and then I become very sensitive to things that I can usually handle, like chemicals that are sneaked into food such as HFCS. Nettles are good food for sure, but she is a potent teacher and if you think of her just as a potherb or tea, it would be wise to research further.

  2. crystine says:

    nettle pesto!
    don’t actually know if it’s my favorite but I am trying it out today…last night red lentils with chopped nettled, cippolini onions and garlic. before that, creamy nettle soup with cilantro. before that, nettle tea. before that pesto on cornbread crusts with nettles, and mushrooms. before that nettle tea!
    mmmmm, tis the season!

  3. ginger taylor allison says:

    Nettle Popsicles. Remember nettles go a long way so here goes
    Nettles 2 cups
    Wizz in the processor.
    add cleaned nopales(cactus)1/2 cup
    3 limes squeeze in the juice mind the seeds take em out
    2 pints blueberries rinse gently add to the mix
    raw honey add your sweet as you like
    if mixture is too thick add spring water wizz all and pour in popsicle holders enjoy a summer treat and kids love them too. They come out a lovely blue green.

    • admin says:

      Ginger just told me she calls these Poppy Swapsicles! I think we may have a winner here folks……but we’ll keep the contest open until I get my hands on some nopales and give these a taste!

  4. ginger taylor allison says:

    add 1 cup of fresh coconut to the poppysicles please. my bad.

  5. Gina says:

    Steam the nettles alone or with other greens.
    While they steam, stir-fry some chopped garlic, onions, yellow bell peppers, chopped dried tomatoes, and pine nuts or sunflower seeds. Season to taste with a little sea salt or Himalayan pink salt, pepper, and a touch of cumin.
    Stir in the steamed nettles/greens, stir fry for a minute longer.
    Place on plate and top with crumbled goat cheese or parmesan, or even a fresh homemade raw cheese, if you like it milder. I personally only use raw cheeses, both fresh and aged a little, but it’s up to you.

  6. Every year, I gather and dry nettle tops to use in my cooking. My favourite recipe that my mainstream friends rave about is a spice cake mix that I make from an organic cake mix and about a 1/4 cup of dried, crumbled nettles added to it, along with a cup of chocolate chips. Easy peasy.

    The wackiest thing I’ve had made from nettles is nettle cheesecake. It was very green and although I expected it to be strong tasting (like too strong nettle tea) it was very light and fluffy. Sadly, Bob Simon’s, the creator of the recipe is in Valhalla now. RIP.

    I crunch up dried nettles in all my sauces, stews, soups, gravies and marinades in place of bay leaf.

    I’m going to have dried nettles available in my poppyswap store when it gets set up sometime this spring for your year round pleasure and healthy immune system.

    • admin says:

      Whoa Tina! I think Thurston, my 3 foot tall kitchen compadre, will be VERY HAPPY to hear about this cake recipe coming in to the contest! And I am VERY HAPPY to hear about you bringing your herbal touch onto the swap ;) Love, Kiki

  7. Ok, so this is nettle fire cider and it’s an incredible nutritive medicine in itself, as well as an excellent marinade and/or base to a salad dressing- I love multi-useful concoctions! Feel free to experiment with this. Nettles perfects this old recipe though, in my opinion.
    Ok, so you’ll need everything as organic or wildcrafted as possible of course. The proportions I leave to your judgement, but mostly everything is in equal proportion, except the honey and maybe peppers. Depends on your taste and needs.
    Chop up into small pieces some ginger, horseradish, garlic, peppers (hot as you can stand), and add this, in addition to all the nettles you can, to some apple cider vinegar. Add raw honey. Bury in a nice spot outside-or I *suppose* you could just set aside in a dark place for a month or so, I like to go from one full moon to the next but it’s not a necessity. Some people blend these things together for a more intensive effect but I don’t on this one, it’s good just as is.
    Strain and enjoy!
    This is a nice immune booster (and helpful with allergies to an extent). Digestive stimulant- a stimulant in general actually. Generally warming and quite delish.

  8. ginger taylor allison says:

    Went to bed thinking nettles I often combine super foods with others to create the big bang theory for the palette. This is for a salad marinade .
    You need a stainless steel sauce pan and wooden spoon
    1/4 cup fresh minced garlic into the pan
    1/4 cup nutritional yeast
    1/4 cup nettles wizz in the processor
    1/4 cup fresh lemon squeezed
    1/4 Braggs mix well in this order in the bowel then after mixed slowly pour cold pressed olive oil into bowel stirring the whole time so that it creams up to a nice viscosity to your taste. Serve on an nice crisp salad Romaine, mushroom and red onion, sprouts and there it is. This marinade will delighten you . Taste great, good for ya.

    • I would use less Bragg but love the flavour it provides in tandem with the spinachy goodness of the nettles. Less garlic too, as it overwhelms the delicate nettle greeniness. Can’t wait to try the recipe. Any excuse for nettles is a good one if you ask me. Now if it would just stop raining long enough for me to collect some!
      Getting wet nettles makes drying them take so much longer and more prone to mildew issues.

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