Tuesday, January 4th, 2011

Judith and Kiki wafting the Mugwort

New Years Eve 2010: I’m excited and excitable. 2010 was an incredible year! I may live in a sanctuary of cedars but with this wild project, the momentum feels like Manhattan.

The swap is ready. I have spent all year learning and growing. Now, after all of the hours, evenings and uploads, trademarks and terms….the time has come: the time for HERBS!!

So, while I still have Moxa to make and salves to set, I decided that with the New Year upon us to just go for it, “go live” and take the ride.

Here’s a toast to 2011! To ALL of the herbalists, poppy swappers, turned on herb takers and inspired evolvers…..and to our incredible team here at the swap, let this be the most amazing year ever full of community, healing and commitment to each other and to the planet.

Love and blessings, Kiki

01/4/11 | Category: Poppy Swap News and Events, Site Updates and Stories

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